Changing Of The Guard

Effective July 31st the last of the changes in the composition of the Club’s Executive Committee- authorized by the membership at the December 2017 yearly meeting- will be taking effect. Long time President Fred P. is stepping out of the Left Seat and handing over the steering yoke to Marland Oliva. New VP Dave Angilello will be sharing Membership Director duties with Marland for now. Bob Bennett and Ed Mulligan remain as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Fred is moving out of the area, but hopes to be a Snow Bird (RC variety, of course) in the future. Best of luck to all!

April 24th, 2018|

FLASH- Access Chain Control Lifted

The Park Super has advised that they have opened the upper picnic area/pavilion for the season, and as a result we no longer need to monitor the access chain for entry or egress. Park personnel will take care of it both at the beginning and end of the day (dusk) as before.

February 16th, 2018|


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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