Attention- Field is open

Effective Friday, June 5th, the club is reopened.
Per our reopening plan with the County we must maintain min 6ft social distancing, club occupancy is limited to 10 members at a time and as long as the 10 member occupancy limit is in effect we may not have guests visit the field to fly. If the field becomes crowded please step out to the parking area to allow other members to fly.

Thank you and happy flying

March 20th, 2020|

Update on 2020 membership renewals

The 2020 renewal deadline will be March 21st, the date of our March meeting. Please have all renewals by this date to avoid paying the $25 initiation fee.

Some changes to the 2020 membership renewals. First, dues have gone up for 2020. Renewal memberships are now $100. New members are $100 plus a $25 one time initiation fee. Junior members are now $25.  Also, a passport size photo is now required for the 2020 ID cards. You can either send a photo in if you renew by mail or email a photo to: membership@maawrc.com .

January 5th, 2020|

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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