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“Flying with Fred” was a monthly (or whenever The Muse was upon him) column of anecdotes, hints, tips, observations and opinion written by our former President.



Flying With Fred Vol.VI #9- Final Departure…

July 22nd, 2018- think of the date as a "marker buoy". Difficult to know where to start... there's nothing for it but to take one step at a time, I guess, and begin what will be the last tome, epistle, ramblings... the last installment, chapter, verse... of this column, blog, Op-Ed, [...]

Flying With Fred Vol. VI # 1

If  Rod Serling did not have something to do with the last 60 days, then I’m missing something. They read like Twilight Zone episodes. There we were, enjoying a relatively calm and pleasant summer. Next thing we know, all the Fall events have come and gone, weird weather- which included tropical [...]

Flying With Fred Vol.VI # 2

That sound you heard a few short weeks (!) ago- kinda like a WHOOSH- were the 2011 Holidays flying by. The start of the second decade of the current millennium- with a few personal milestones involved. December 19th marked 10 years since Dad passed away, all too soon. I still have the old, [...]

Flying With Fred Vol.VI # 3

If you went out and invested in a snow blower last year (or in any other Winter “weaponry”) in anticipation of the repeat of the Snowfest Of 2011, what you’ve been hearing recently is Mother Nature saying “FOOLED YOU”! It’s been a long while since we’ve had such a mild season between [...]

Flying With Fred Vol.VI #4

When we last gathered around the glow of the CRT (cathode ray tube) or LCD (liquid crystal display) or whatever other device you use for incoming digital communications, it was mid-April, and the annual Clean-Up Day was almost upon us. The long-range weather forecast looked promising, and hope for a [...]

Flying With Fred Vol.VI #5

And, just like that, the Summer flying season is over. Gone are the hot, humid days- enter the cool (cold?) and windy Fall days. Arguably the best time of the year to fly, in my opinion, as long as the wind doesn’t get too windy. The panoply of color in the distance [...]

Flying With Fred Vol.VI #6

A number of folks are now convinced that I am related to Rip Van Winkle, “sleeping” away almost four months since I last penned a narrative. They’d be right, of course. Not exactly sleeping, but being sucked into the wormhole of the universe that exists outside of modeling. Helping to [...]

Flying With Fred- Vol. VI #7

Hi, folks- remember me? If you don’t I wouldn’t blame you. First things first; let me start by personally wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. May you have a great year of building and flying as well. My thanks also to all of you who’ve made [...]