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2022 membership renewals are now open

2022 membership forms are now posted here: Application Forms – MAAWRC

Note: the new PDF files have fillable form fields for easier completion electronically.

The 2022 renewal deadline for active 2021 members will be March 1st, 2022, after this you will no be considered an active 2022 member.

For members in good standing from 2020 who did not renew in 2021 due to COVID and who would like to rejoin in 2022 there is no $25 initiation fee. You will only be responsible for the annual renewal due fee of $100. If you have any question please email: .

FAA rule for drone remote ID.

To find out more on the new  FAA rule regarding drone remote ID please see the video from the AMA’s website,


2019 Spring clean up/ field day a success!

Our 2019 Spring field was a success this year. Although we didn’t meet our original ambitious goal of painting the shed, tables, runway lines and cleaning up. We still managed to get most of the tables painted, paint the runway lines and do a general clean up of our flying area. Most likely the rest of our painting will occur during our fall clean up/ maintenance day. Thank you again to all that participated this year.


FAA Issues Interim Final Rule for External Marking Requirement

The FAA issued an Interim Final Rule today that will require drone pilots and model aircraft pilots to display their FAA-issued registration number on the outside surface of their aircraft. The rule will take effect on Monday, February 25, which means the markings must be in place for any outdoor flight beginning on that date. Read more on the AMA site along with some FAQs,