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Flying/Field/Club Rules & Regulations

(Amended November 2017)

Membership / Pilot Privileges

(1) To fly at MAAW Field, a pilot shall be enrolled as an active member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics for the current year.
(2) To fly at MAAW Field, a pilot shall be enrolled as an active member of MAAW for the current year. MAAW membership may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Officers / Directors as a result of member violation of club rules and regulations (see Item 57).

(3) As of 2017 to fly at the MAAW Field, a pilot does not need to be REGISTERED WITH THE F.A.A. This is subject to ongoing change.
(4) NON-MEMBERS of MAAW shall be permitted to fly at MAAW Field providing:
(A) they are invited to participate in an MAAW-sponsored contest or other special flying event; or
(B) they are members of other AMA chartered clubs who are invited to fly as guests of active MAAW members.
(5) In all instances where flying privileges are extended to NON-MEMBERS, the visiting pilot shall:
(A) display proof of current AMA membership/FAA registration;
(B) display proof of membership in another club that indicates he is a qualified R/C pilot; and-
(C) abide by all MAAW regulations relating to safe flight operations.
(D) The guest R/C pilot shall first demonstrate the flying proficiency to a blue (solo certified) member (The Sponsor or Director).
(E) Members may bring the same individual as a guest only TWICE, and may bring ONLY ONE GUEST per field visit.
(F) The Sponsor shall check the guest aircraft, radio gear and stand by the first flight ready to take over the transmitter.

Radio Equipment

(6)  Only 2.4 ghz / “Spread Spectrum” radio equipment is to be used at the MAAW field. No 72 mhz., 27 mhz. or “Ham” radio frequency equipment is allowed.  If you’re assembling a “package” of components (TX, RX, ESC’s, Servos) use proven, high quality compatible equipment; ideally from the same manufacturer.    
(7) MAAW membership pin stickers shall be used while flying at MAAW Field. Substitute pins or photocopies or facsimiles of MAAW membership pins shall not be permitted.

Flight Operations

(8) The flight line shall be delineated by the imaginary line formed by the pilot boxes on the field. The flight line extends from the line on the field to infinity in both vertical and horizontal directions.
(9) The flight zone shall be defined as the immediate area around MAAW Field.
(10) Flying behind the flight line is prohibited.
(11) Flying over the condos is prohibited.
(12) Flying over the ball fields is prohibited.
(13) Flying over the railroad yards is prohibited.

(13) Flying over the parking lot/are is prohibited.
(14) Helicopters shall fly the pattern circuit from any of the pilot stations EXCEPT when performing 3D or similar maneuvers. ALL 3D AND SIMILAR HELICOPTER MANEUVERS TO BE PERFORMED ON THE FAR SIDE (DOWNHILL) PORTION OF THE FIELD. ALL MANEUVERS TO BE ANNOUNCED.
(15) Helicopters and 3-D airplanes shall not hover over the runway or the grass strip between the runway and the flight line. Pilots may not intentionally touch the ground with any part of aircraft or helicopter (except the landing gear). To insure compliance with this rule, pilots are requires to maintain a minimum altitude of 3 FT from the ground, unless landing or performing a touch-and-go.
(16) No person is permitted on the flight line other than for purposes of flying, spotting, training or aircraft retrieval.
(17) Taking-off and landings between the flight line and the runway are not permitted.
(18) Pilots may elect to take-off while standing on the runway. However, they shall clear the runway as soon as possible after take-off.
(19) All pilots shall stand in a pilot’s box while flying.
(20) A pilot shall intentionally crash his aircraft rather than risk injury to any person or property.
(21) A “dead-stick” aircraft shall have landing priority over all other aircraft in the air and any planes getting ready to takeoff.
(22) All “hand launches” shall be made from the runway.
(23) All take-offs, landings and traffic pattern maneuvers shall be conducted parallel to the runway.
(24) Flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft is prohibited. On spotting a Full size helicopter low over the field all aircraft and helicopters shall land immediately.
(25) Full-scale aircraft shall always have right of way.
(26) Taxiing in the pit area is not permitted.
(27) Extensive engine running or testing for tune-up or breaking-in purposes shall be conducted in an area off to one side of the pits. PICNIC TABLES ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR ENGINE RUN UP, “TUNING” / MAINTENANCE, ETC.
(28) No gasoline fueled engines are permitted at the MAAW field, regardless of size.
(29) No gasoline or LP gas in containers shall be stored in the shed.
(30) No spectators are permitted in the pit area unless accompanied by a pilot.
(31) Children shall be supervised by an adult and shall be kept well away from the flight line at all times.
(32) Spectators shall be financially responsible for any damage they (or their children) inflict upon a pilot’s aircraft or equipment.
(33) No pets shall be permitted in the pit area unless securely leashed
(34) Spotters shall be employed whenever 2 or more aircraft are in the air simultaneously.

(35) The maximum altitude of an aircraft flight over the field is 400 feet.

(36) Yellow cardholders shall have an Instructor at their side whenever they fly.
(37) Maximum glow engine sizes permitted at the MAAW field:
2-stroke – 90 size
4-stroke – 120 size
Electric – 2200 Watt (max) motor, 2500 Watt max. power supply ( power supply is the battery voltage multiplied by ESC amperes).

(38) All aircraft must have both the pilot’s AMA  MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS affixed to the aircraft, legible in size, and where it can be accessed without using tools.

Aircraft may be banned by the club (Directors or Officers) if the overall configuration or “package” – including the pilot, radio equipment, engine (or motor) and /or propeller sound levels – is deemed to be unacceptable or unsafe for flying.

Field Announcements:

(39) “ON THE FIELD!” — Shall be announced by anyone crossing the flight line to place an airplane on the runway for takeoff or to retrieve a plane, or for any other reason.
(40) “CLEAR!” — Shall be announced when individuals re-cross the flight line towards the pits or the pilots boxes.
(41) “COMING IN!” — Shall be announced by pilots when making an approach and preparing to land.
(42) “DEADSTICK!” — Shall be announced by a pilot when the engine of his engine-powered aircraft unintentionally stops while the aircraft is in the air.
(43) “HEADS UP” — Shall be announced by a pilot who loses control of his aircraft either on the ground or in the air.

Sound Limits

(44) Mufflers are required on ALL glow fueled engines, including 1/2A size, excluding electric motors.
(45) If there is a question as to sound being generated, an aircraft shall be tested with a sound meter prior to flying.
(46) The “sound testing procedure” shall consist of:
a) Use of a Radio Shack or equivalent sound meter.
b) The aircraft will be placed on the hard runway with the engine running at maximum RPM.
c) The meter will be held approximately 12 feet from the propeller on the exhaust side of the aircraft.
d) The maximum sound level cannot exceed 96db during any portion of the test.

Miscellaneous Rules

47) No smoking in the pits, on the flight line or on the field.
(48) No parking shall be allowed within the field area. The field area shall be defined as anywhere inside the gate, including the pits, behind the pits or on the gravel driveway.
(49) Field/flying hours are from 10 AM until dusk (as per park rangers) or as otherwise directed by park personnel. Field hours are subject to change without notice.
(50) There shall be no flying whatsoever outside of the posted hours of operation.
(51) No engines of any kind whatsoever shall be run outside of the posted hours of operation.
(52) The driving of any stakes or pointed objects into the ground is prohibited.
(53) No person shall be permitted to walk on the slopes adjacent to the field except pilots and only then to retrieve downed aircraft.
(54) It shall be the responsibility of the last individual leaving the field to ensure that the shed is securely locked.
(55) No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed by pilots at MAAW Field.
(56) MAAW Field shall be evacuated immediately upon request by County Park Officials.

(57) Only radio-controlled model aircraft are allowed to fly at the field. Model rockets and similar unguided or uncontrolled flying objects/devices are prohibited.

(58) The MAAW Executive and Directorate have final say, interpretation and disposition, etc. of the above in cases of member complaints. Said complaints are to be submitted to the President for subsequent review by the Executive and Directorate (as appropriate) who’s final decision(s) will determine both the suitability and outcome of any complaint.


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